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Hot app: Due

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I have a new favourite app – Due. I found it on a list of recommended apps from Michael Schechter of A Better Mess. I asked Michael why he used Due over the native iOS app Reminders. His reason is now my reason – persistence.

The built-in reminders app is great for location based reminders and I still use it for that on occassion. Where Due really outshines reminders though is in its persistence. It doesn’t just alert you once and never again, but over… and over…. and over… until you mark it as done. I’m a very forgetful person, especially where my short term memory is concerned, so the persistence is an amazing feature for me.

I use it to help me when I want to mark my prayer time, remind me to take vitamins in the morning (which I’m always forgetting), or to do my plank-a-day.

Here are a couple of screenshots, but check it out for yourself here. It is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac.



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